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Arcanima: Mist of Oblivion is a singleplayer action-RPG that mixes Hack N Slash combat with turn-based JRPG elements into a dynamic experience built on the concept of “Anima”, a unique character-building system based on psychological typologies. Play as Juno, an anima user searching for answers in a world ringed by the deadly “Mist of Oblivion”. Shape and develop your anima through your actions, find the way to clear the Mist and discover your own truth before all meaning is lost.


Meet Ragaea, a world surrounded by a deadly multi-colored fog known as the “Mist of Oblivion” where people have souls or “animas”. Here, those with an iron will and deep awareness of their own “self” gain the ability to manifest them, gaining supernatural powers in the process.

The story of the game unfolds around these “anima users”, the nature of animas, and specifically, the journey of one of them: Juno, a nineteen-year-old girl who is one day tasked with the mission to assault the secluded “Citadel of Indomita”, a flying self-governed island commanded by Raj, an irregular anima user that defies The Syzygy’s dogma.

Unsure about the mission and her place in life itself, the young girl infiltrates the island and takes the first step into the journey of a lifetime.

Technical sheet:

Key Features:

  • Anima System

    The animas, based on real psychological models, define not only the combat mechanics, but also the characters and how they interact with each other inside and outside of it.

  • Unique Combat

    Combining Hack N Slash and JRPG in a new mixed system, Arcanima’s gameplay is unlike any other game.

  • Focus

    Use focus mode to unleash powerful special attacks through different natures and forms, but be careful, you have limited time to make your decisions!

  • Dynamism

    All the mechanics work together to create a dynamic experience that will capture you.

  • Exploration

    Immerse yourself in a unique world that will catch you at its own pace.

  • Story as Deep as Human Nature

    Join Juno on her journey to discover the meaning of her life and clear the Mist of Oblivion in a story that tells us about how this path is different for everyone, including you.


Watch the teaser for Arcanima: Mist of Oblivion – BETA here:

Founded in 2021, Stendhal Games is a studio passionate about creating experiences that captivate gamers with their extreme beauty, deep storytelling, and immersive gameplay. Made up of young people from diverse backgrounds who are embodying that shared vision on their first commercial video game, Arcanima: Mist of Oblivion.

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